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Interactive visualization of an investigative report. Earthquake in Emilia, Italy. Before - the day tomorrow - one year later: visual comparison.

Interactive visualization of an investigative report
WHY - The aim of this project is to hold the attention on the Earthquake in Emilia (Italy, 20th and 29th May 2012) exactly 1 year later to show how many things are already done and how many not yet.
HOWPublished on the newspaper La Stampathis data visualization is composed by 3 different state: the condition in the Emilian area before the earthquake, the condition during the days after and the condition one year later. The visual comparison among the 3 moments allows the direct interpretation of the data.
WHERE The illustrations are inspired by the real Emilian architecture (Romanical and Medieval influences) to represent the area involved as more realistically as possible.
TEAM - This project is made by a team composed by Tangerinelab (who make the art direction and the graphical development) + Paolo Bernocco and Lidia Catalano (who make the journalist researches and contents).
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