Italian hydrogeological instability - La Stampa

Interactive project about the hydrogeological instability in Italy.

Landslides and floods: Italy is a country battered by the hydrogeological instability.
The highly critical territories represent 9.8% of the national area and cover 89% of the municipalities, on which stand 6,250 schools and 550 hospitals. Global warming is leading to an inevitable worsening of these extreme phenomena.
40 billion of Euros is the estimated demand for the safety measures that the Italian territory needs; however, the last Stability Law by the Italian government allocated only 180 million for the next three years.
Since 1956 the consumption of soil has increased by 156%, compared to a population increase of 24%: this means that every five months an area comparable to the city of Naples is overbuilded.
These facts highlight the man's responsibility for disasters, which caused in Italy the death of 4 thousands of people during the last fifty years.

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